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The primary purpose of community worship is to worship our Lord and Savior in a way that glorifies Him. This requires that we develop a relationship with Christ. In community we can focus on God and not on the social aspects of our community. This will be our primary goal. We will try to always maintain the relationship that God asks so that we are never turned away from his presence

The home church will be the basic unit of worship and Christian study. Members of this Church may be members of a more traditionally structured church as well if they prefer. We will not attempt to separate people from their own traditional church.

I am sure that the community will grow and its members will find that through our intense desire to meet God most people will prefer to commune exclusively with other members. It is our intention to love each other as God expects us to and through that love we will all find ourselves much nearer to God and in his presence. That will fulfill all our spiritual needs.

We believe that evangelism is our primary goal and that a perfect relationship with God will result in God having more success in reaching the billions of lost souls in the world. We will evangelize through reflecting Jesus in our lives. Christ has done it all , we just need to be part of His team and not our team. It is God who will win through us.

Our Mission

To answer The great commission and to align our lives according to Biblical Principles and instruction..


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