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Body And Soul Wellness

A new church, and Christian community, ministering to all facets life; Mind. Body. Spirit. Social.


Body and Soul wellness is a new kind of church, with a Biblically traditional worldview of how our lives are ordered under God. God ordained every aspect of our lives and insruected us, through his word, which duties and responsibilities fell to the individual, the family, and of course, the church. As the body of Christ, we seek to follow God’s instruction and return to scriptural instruction for all aspects of life, much of which has been lost in the modern day world.

History of the Church – The church of Christ is one where the love of Christ and his sheep is foremost in our relationship to this world. We love because we are loved by Christ. We also must remain apart from the world while we still remain in the world. We have an element of separation but our commitment to each other is by far the ultimate expression of the love that God has shown to us. We love all but we do not accept OR LISTEN TO the teaching of others who do not follow Christ. We serve all those who follow the way,
The Church is established by God and God is the lord of our Church. The lord is in charge of our live and we are totally submissive to God. The family government is under God’s control as well. Finally and possibly of major consequence we believe that God is Lord of the State government as well. We believe that God appoints all leaders and nothing happens in this world outside of God’s control. When our leaders follow God’s will for their lives they can effectively lead us in the direction consistent with God’s will.
The home church is the unit of fellowship that is truly intimate and driven by its committed members. Each person participates in the worship . Worship revolves around finding God’s will for our lives.
The Church will coordinate health care , education, and work with organizations intending to produce food clothing and provide security.

Multilevel network Marketing is the economic distribution system that will provide all needed wealth for the organization.
Legal affairs will remain in the realm of Church who will serve its members following the Peacemakers Pledge.


Where we meet with the body of believers to hear the word of God being preached, where we worship together, and minister to each other’s spiritual needs .


The network of medical professionals within the body who offer their service and expertise.


Employing the concept of human capital, we create our own insular economy.


Outreach and ministry to the lost.

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Our Mission

To answer The great commission and to align our lives according to Biblical Principles and instruction..


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