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The Mind as we know it is composed of intellect , emotions, autonomic functions, bodily monitoring , seat of conscience and all aspects of living both physically and spiritually. We differentiate the physical from the spiritual by referring to the heart as the seat of spiritual aspects of our persona and the brain as the physical component of the mind. All aspects of the brain are processed physically but can be influenced by the heart and visa versa. The connection between the heart and the brain is not known, but some speculate that the long term memory of the brain is in some way tied to the ability of the heart / spirit recalling all information as pictures/ stories. The holographic memory of the mind may be tied into heart – that may be why long term memory is the last component of the mind to degenerate. The instantaneous nature of our holographic processor makes many believe that the processing takes place in the spiritual realm. The ability of the mind to never forget directions and locations and instantaneously producing images of the area and simultaneously calculating other aspects of the image. Clearly the possibility of these types of connection help make my belief in the spiritual world much more real than most other scientists. I do believe we are going to understand that the laws of God have been reduced to allow the development of this physical world. If we understood more of the laws of God we would be far more advanced and possibly closer to God.

This highly speculative assertion is made only to have one understand that a mind can only be educated if we allow the development of the heart through its development by connection to God’s world. Regardless of which god we are relating to – it must be only one god at a time. Of course there can only be one true God and of course we believe it is the God of Abraham and all of the Apostles of Jesus. The choice is not to eliminate the spiritual, but rather open our minds to the real world. The current secular school system trying to eliminate God in class is doing a serious injustice to the education of our children who will become physical robots in the absence of a sophisticated spiritual life. In addition to the limited emotional life of such robots there is also the unfortunate lack of connection to God’s knowledge and control of laws that could and would progress our species into higher levels of living/ being.

The environmentalist will prevent our progress and will most likely result in more suffering of the species that they believe they are protecting. God in my world is capable of expanding the universe and moving mountains and doing what is needed to protect his creations. This will not happen unless the creation is in cooperation with God’s plan and God’s laws. That is a fundamental basic law of Nature and Nature’s God.

It is therefore critical that the Church teach our students and that we have control over our curriculum. We must all have a basic RRR education but local areas and the Church should be able to supplement those basic facts with real in depth knowledge. The Department of Education is standing in the way of future progress of our students and our species. We must return to Local school Boards with intelligent people in charge who understand life and have not given up on a comprehensive education for political expediency.
May God bless us in our quest to know Him and love Him and have a complete relationship with Him as he desires.
We call this relationship having the hole in our heart that we are born with filled by God. It is only in this way that we can be the creatures God made us to be. Without this we have an intellectual disease and just as importantly we open our mind up for all forms of mental / emotional illness. Many illnesses may have a physical component but the cause and effect of these physical aspects of mental illness cannot be defined as completely physical in their etiology. Many of the physical illnesses like bipolar disease may have a spiritual etiology that manifests itself as physical. It is hard for me to believe that psychiatrists can be maximally effective without a true understanding of the complex nature of man and his Mind. We will look to God and resolution of our spiritual health problems as the first steps towards correcting our mental problems. We may be able to teach some of our colleagues a thing or two through the vast infinite knowledge of God that he may give us more access to.

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