Web Page Design and Meaning

First of all let me give credit to Ms Jones from Cornerstone Church whose business, Conferabilty, designed and organized what appears to me to be a complex venture. Ms Jones has put tremendous effort into gathering the needed information to make the initial entry of the Web site be an exciting venture. The effort has just begun and the site will be of strategic benefit to the Church coordination and growth.
I wanted to take a moment to explain my thoughts regarding the home page image.
We are currently in a very precarious time for Christians and Americans who love liberty. There are many efforts underway to destroy our relation with Christ as the Church continues to become politically correct. Frequently our mainstream churches try to look like they are part of the capitalistic economy rather than a separate entity addressing the spiritual needs of those seeking to have a deep relationship with Christ.
It may be that we are seeing those end times that God speaks of in Revelations. There God tells us to leave Babylon ( the materialistic world ) and head to the mountains (God’s country.. The goal of BSW Church is to create a mountain top church community that is in the midst of Babylon yet untouched by its hedonistic principles. The core of the church structure is the home church. Like the early Christian church we will worship in small intimate numbers while maintaining a relationship with a parent church of our choice. We can then be cross fed with spiritual food. This will avoid any tendency towards Pastor worship. We will serve no other Lord but Christ.
The home is on land that will provide for our bodily sustenance while our other aspects of life are addressed by family, church, and community. This house church is simple and pleasant and guarded by a gate while being in the mountains spiritually. Our goal is to develop an intimate relationship with Christ as well as our church members. We of course will spend all of our extra effort on bringing the lost to Christ. We will be an open community with high security through We will defend ourselves through prayer to a God that has promised to grant us our prayers when they are aligned by his word. We will continue to perform our duty as Americans by participating in our self government as envisioned by our founders. To allow us to grow in harmony we must try to slow if not reverse the growth of our federal government. We support a strict interpretation of the constitution based on interpretation of the writings etc of those that wrote the amendments.

The principles espoused by the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are critical to our continued existence as a nation. The principles espoused by the Bible are critical to our continued existence as a leader among nations and as leaders bringing man to eternal life with God forever. We will be vertical Church always looking to God for guidance. We know that God is in charge and He will only respond to our needs if we ask in humility and submissive love. God can move mountains if we believe enough…

It is time for us to have a major revival of the church. If enough Christians engage this open model of submission to God, He may spare our nation.
In God We Trust
Liberatus DeRosa, MD, Pastor

Hello and Welcome!

We are excited to launch our new website for Body and Soul Wellness and we hope that this will be a valuable resource for all who seek the Lord, and a beacon for those looking to join a truly free church that is also a Christian community, with Jesus at the center, where we as brothers and sisters, meet the needs of those in this body of Christ. We see this as ministering to the needs of the body (health), the mind, the spirit, and social aspects of our persona.
We are looking forward to everything God has planned for us and pray to be good and faithful servants in advancing His kingdom and in reaching the lost. We hope to do this in perfect submission to our Lord.